The Raintree Restaurant

Delicious food prepared with care


We provide fresh, healthy meals every day. You can request a detailed Raintree menu on your arrival.

Special dietary items available on our Raintree Restaurant menu, just ask!

Below you will find examples of our fantastic meals.


hot breakfast served in the restaurant area

Breakfast is served from 06:30 to 09:00.

If this breakfast time does not suit your needs, please advise reception before 16:00  the previous day, so that a cold breakfast can be arranged in your room.
Please also advise reception if you have any special dietary requirements.

Lunch & Dinner

Lunch packs and dinner Prepared upon request

Dinner is available with 24 hour notice for groups of 4 or more guests.

Dinner rates are as follow:
1 Course including one beverage @ R150 per person.
2 Course including one beverage @ R200 per person.
3 Course including one beverage @ R250 per person.

Please note: requests for lunch and dinner have to be placed at least 24 hours ahead of time.

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